What boxes need to be ticked and what criteria need to be met for you to give an autobody specialist the thumbs-up and a good review – either online or by word of mouth? What hoops should they jump through for you to award them a 5-start rating? If you have been the unfortunate victim of a car accident, these are important questions.

At FixEezi, this has been a dilemma we have been faced with. Our reputation depends on the reputation of our network of autobody specialists. So we have gone the extra mile to make sure all the boxes are ticked when it comes to allocating your car to an autobody specialist to repair your car’s damage. This is serious business for us. 

When you contact us for a quote to have your car repaired, our qualified assessors will do a professional repair quote and then allocate you car to a reputable autobody specialist in your area – one that ticks all our boxes.

What boxes do we believe an autobody specialist should tick to be part of our trusted and dependable network of national repairers? 

Box #1: A Good Reputation 

Reputation is everything. Sophocles said, ‘A man can get a reputation from very small things.’ At FixEezi we believe the same can be said of an autobody specialist. It’s the little things, like careful attention to detail in repairing the damage, that makes a big difference. We have researched all our accredited repairers and can confidently recommend them. 

We have also strenuously vetted each autobody specialist prior approving them to be listed as one of our service providers. Each one of our panel beaters also offers a lifetime warranty on the work they quote on. Now that is definitely something to write home about!

Box #2: Front of House 

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can definitely judge an autobody specialist by their front of house welcome and customer interaction. First off, national and Industry recognised certifications, licenses and insurance verifications should be clearly displayed in the welcome area.  

Prior to your car arriving at the panel beater, our assessors would have already provided the panel beater with all pictures and info required to repair your vehicle to the highest standard. No time-wasting. As soon as your vehicle is taken to the repairer, the repairs can start. 

As Fixeezi has such immense bargaining power, our approved panel beaters know that that time is of the essence, and your car will not be placed in a cue behind insured vehicles. You will be also be kept up to date with the repair process and be given an accurate time frame in which you car will be repaired. When you leave their premises, it should feel as if you have made a new friend. 

Box #3: An Organised Workshop ‘A picture may be worth a thousand words,’ but an orderly and well-run workshop speaks volumes. A clean and organized workshop indicates a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. It also shows that the autobody specialist takes pride in their work and is therefore likely to take excellent care of your vehicle.  A panel beater will not be on our panel if their workshop is not in tip-top condition.

Box #4:  A Detailed All-in Quote FixEezi, will do a professional repair estimate using Audatex – the global industry-standard assessing system. This means that the amount quoted for your repair will always be the right price for the right repair. A normal person getting a walk-in quote from a panel beater will never be able to negotiate the rates we are able to do. So, if you do get a lower quote, the question you must ask yourself is this: ‘Is the quote lower because less is being done to correctly repair my vehicle?’

These are just some of the priority boxes that are non-negotiable for us at FixEezi in determining which autobody specialist gets to be part of our network of accredited and reputable repairers. 

The only box left for you to tick, if your car is damaged and you are uninsured, is the ‘Get a Quote’ box on our website! Go ahead and Contact us today.  We can even help you finance your repair through Capitec.