If you own a car, it is inevitable that at some stage you will need to navigate the scary and daunting world of panelbeaters. Your goal, especially if uninsured, is to find a reliable and reputable one. No easy feat! (You will need the qualities of Braveheart.) Yes, they do exist, but Experience (and the grapevine) have told you that they tend to be few and far between. There are enough horror stories of monsters lurking in the shadows of the panelbeating world that are sure to give you nightmares.

Just like your mother warned you of ‘stranger danger,’ we are here to warn you of the dangers of engaging with strange panelbeaters. These ‘backstreet boys,’ posing as trustworthy autobody specialists, are poised to take advantage of you. We are here to help you identify the sharks out there who are ready to take your money and do a dodge job on your car.

How can you know if you are dealing with shifty panelbeaters? The signs are obvious – when you know what to look for:

The ‘new kid on the block’

One of the first warning signs that you might be dealing with a dodgy panelbeater is no track record. They have not been in the business long and their address is in suburbia. Any backyard panelbeater in a residential area should be a red flag – no municipality would allow this. (Ok, we realise we walked right into that one!) 😳  

You cannot find any online reviews of these guys and the price promotion on the flyer seems too good to be true. (It probably is.) If the price is ridiculously low, then they are probably using pirate parts and shortcuts. Be warned: ‘Penny wise, pound foolish.’ We realise you want to support a local startup business, but we are advising not when it is a panelbeating business.

We suggest you hightail it out of there ASAP and don’t look back!

The ‘snake-charmer’

This crafty panelbeater is a little harder to spot. They know how to talk the talk, and at the outset, everything looks kosher. Their staff even have branded overalls. They will charm you with their smooth-talking ways, and they can spot gullibility a mile away. Seriously, they can talk you into anything and will take you for a ride.

Even though their prices are higher, they are artful spin doctors, upselling and persuading you into more than is necessary. Do a background check and research online, and check their website and social media pages. Scan their reviews. Before you are strong-armed into signing on the dotted line, insist on getting another two quotes and trust word-of-mouth feedback. 

What you are likely to find if you do use these guys, is that when you get your car back, your new battery doesn’t look new anymore, and the colour matching of the spray painting is not exact. We are warning you, these panelbeaters are very charming and it is easy to fall under their spell. 

The ‘artful dodger’

This panelbeater has earned this title with his dodgy ways. They are masters of pithy excuses, evasive deadlines, and giving customers the runaround. 

When you enter their premises, there are no industry certificates on the wall (well, that is because they are being reframed). Their paperwork is abysmal (shame, the admin lady is in hospital), and they never answer their phones (yes, we know, the admin lady is in hospital). To top it all off, you suddenly receive a traffic fine in the post while your car was at the panelbeaters (and of course, there is no proof that one of their staff took your car out on a joy ride after work because the security cameras don’t work when there is load-shedding!)

Please, we are begging you – do not let these guys near your car!

The FixEezi ‘friend in need’

We really don’t want to scare you any further. We believe forewarned is forearmed and, as the saying goes, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

That is where FixEezi comes in. We have done the research and have a network of the good guys; a reputable list of panelbeaters in your area that have undergone our scrutiny and can be trusted. Our panelbeaters will definitely be your new BFF.

And you don’t just have our word to go on. You have the word-of-mouth confirmation and reviews from our satisfied customers. 

Our trained assessors will give you an estimated quote online, which you can trust. Each month, we assess over 2500 cars that have been in a collision – so we know the right price for the right repairs! On acceptance of the quote, we will then put you in contact with a reputable industry credible panelbeater from our network, in your area, who will guarantee the repairs of your vehicle and honour their deadlines. If your car has been in an accident, talk to us because fixing your car has never been so eezi!