Road accidents are a reality in the Days of our South African Lives. And when it becomes your reality, you need to know what to do at the scene of an accident. But you also need to be coached in how to behave. In the moment of shock and adrenaline, your Accident Alter Ego could take you by surprise and land you in hot water! So, before you start phoning around for a panel beater, know how to act properly at the scene of an accident. Your bumper sticker may advise you to Keep Calm and Carry On, but desperate times require something a little more specific.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of ‘Accident Scene Etiquette’:

DON’T Flee

Fleeing the scene of an accident is not only illegal and unethical, it is considered an admission of guilt, spelling a world of trouble, including fines or jail time. Trust us: finding a panel beater will be the last of your worries!

Pull over, put your hazards on, and place Warning triangles behind your vehicle to caution other drivers.  

DO Medical Checkups

You may be burdened by the thought of panel beater repair costs, but you need to check yourself, your passengers, and others involved for injuries. If necessary, call for emergency assistance.

If you haven’t noticed any observable injuries, you may still require further medical examinations. You don’t want lurking issues to emerge days later!

DON’T Talk Too Much

Now is certainly not the time for any pent-up rage to make a guest appearance. Mute the words of your Accident Alter Ego and avoid post-accident regret!

Keep conversation to a minimum. Even innocently declaring, “I was so focused on my child singing that I didn’t see you stop!” could come back to haunt you. Don’t get tricked into taking full responsibility for the accident and wrongfully carrying all the guilt (and the costs!). Plus, any ‘money talk’ could be taken advantage of OR misconstrued as an attempt at a bribe.

Absent-minded words could jeopardise your case with insurance or the police. You will bemoan them all the way to the panel beater and back!

DO Take Note of Context

In addition to taking down the details of the other driver and eyewitnesses, take note of the general contextual conditions: traffic, weather, time, and date. These will be required in an accident report. Shock can trick the memory and you don’t want to hit a blank if you are questioned later by the police or insurance!

Once you’ve kept your cool, you can Keep Calm and Call a Panel Beater.

Perhaps you think you will never be able to keep calm in the event of an accident because you are uninsured. We say, Keep Calm and Contact FixEezi! 

We will assess your car’s damage, send you a quote, and allocate your vehicle to a trustworthy and reputable panel beater. If you are in a tight spot, we’ll even arrange financing options. Put your mind at ease with FixEezi. For more information, visit us online.