If you tune into the radio on your way to or from work each day, the daily traffic report of minor car accidents on the roads might sound like a stuck record. The reality, however, is that it could happen to you! You are likely to have someone bump into the back of you at a stop street, or crash into you while recklessly changing lanes on the highway. Perhaps the car you crashed into was in your blind spot. It can happen to any of us.

But here’s the problem: dealing with the impact of a car accident is not on your daily to-do list. And yet when the reality happens, you don’t have the energy to deal with it, especially if you are uninsured. FixEezi is your friend in need who you should contact to sort out the repairs.

At FixEezi, we realise that you don’t have time to search for quotes to repair the accident damage to your car or navigate the daunting world of unscrupulous panel beaters intent on overcharging and taking you for a ride. You need to get your car fixed by a reputable panel beater for a price you can afford. So just take a deep breath and give us a call.

Why FixEezi? We are so glad you asked.

#1. We have your back

We realise ‘times are hard in Crippen Lane,’ and so getting the right price for the right repair is what you need and what we do. You have immediate access to our FixEezi qualified and skilled assessing team who will determine the correct cost of the repair. All you have to do is send us images of the damage to your vehicle and our team will confirm the correct parts, labour rates and mark-ups in line with best practice insurance companies. With FixEezi it is really that eezi!

#2. We give you peace-of-mind

The guy you accidentally bumped into might give you a piece of his mind, but don’t let that rattle you. At FixEezi, you have complete peace-of-mind. All our quotes are from reputable repairers who guarantee the work they perform. All panel beaters contracted to FixEezi provide clients with quality assurance, quick turnaround times, progress updates and excellent service.

#3. We help with your budgeting

We do realise that fixing your car is still going to cost money – there is no way around that. At FixEezi we have partnered with Capitec Bank – offering you highly competitive finance rates so you can pay off your repairs. It’s quick and simple. If you are a FixEezi client, Capitec’s term options make it a smart and eezi option to repair your vehicle.

As you drive out of your driveway today and hit the road, feel free to change the channel on the radio when the traffic report comes on. You know that should you bump into someone, or if someone bumps into you, you can be cool, calm and collected – because FixEezi is one of your contacts.


FixEezi is the car accident repair service, especially if you are uninsured or underinsured. For a quick and accurate assessment of your car’s damage from our reputable network of repairers around South Africa, contact us today or follow our simple steps to get a quote.