You’ve been the victim of a car accident or bumper bushing (we’re so sorry), you’re uninsured (join the club), and you’ve heard about FixEezi’s panelbeater services from a friend of a friend (that’s great). But you still have some questions that need to be answered. We understand and we are happy to oblige.

Thanks to our diligent researchers, we have identified the top 5 questions that might be foremost in your mind. 

FAQ #1 – ‘How quickly will I get a quote?’

If you need a panelbeater, there is nothing more time-consuming than sourcing 3 quotes. With FixEezi, you can skip the queues. We have done the homework on your behalf. Once you have completed the online form and submitted pictures of your damaged car, we will contact you and give you a verbal instant estimate of the repairs.

If you are happy with our estimate, we will then give you a formal professional damage and cost of repairs estimate using the global industry standard assessing system called Audatex.  

FAQ #2 – ‘When can I book my car in for repairs?’  

As soon as you give us the go-ahead in writing, and pay us a 50% deposit within 48 hours, we will allocate you a reputable and vetted panelbeater in your area who will take on the body shop work of your damaged car. All you have to do is contact them and book your car in.  

FAQ #3 – ‘Why don’t I just go directly to a panelbeater around the corner?

Good question! The answer is simple: because we only use contracted reputable repairers and autobody specialists who tick all the boxes. We also ensure that you pay the right price for the right accident repair service.

You have heard the horror stories and so you want to avoid panelbeaters who:

  • undercut the price and do not do what they should, or those who simply overcharge;
  • change the price halfway through the repairs;
  • will hold your car if you don’t pay more or perhaps create even further damage;
  • don’t replace parts they say they will or else they use alternative B grade parts that don’t fit;  
  • won’t give any warranty on the work done.

When it comes to your panelbeater experience, we don’t want you to be a statistic. We have done the due diligence and have over 30 years’ industry experience.

FAQ #4 – ‘How can I be sure my car is 100%?’

A really important question. This is where FixEezi becomes your new BFF. When you collect your repaired car, you sign a customer clearance form online. If you are happy, we authorize the panelbeater to release the car to you. Three days after, we call you to ensure that you are happy with the repair service and only then do we pay the repairer in full.

If you happen to find a problem a week or a month later – you are completely protected. The repairer provides you with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and paint and 12 months on parts replacement.

FAQ #5 – ‘Who do I pay and what If I don’t have enough money to afford your repair quote?’

Let’s talk money. You pay us and we pay the panelbeater – only once the repairs are done to standards that hold up to a lifetime warranty status.

We can also help you finance the repairs with a short-term loan through Capitec. You can apply for finance online. Capitec will call you, help you with the contract and pre-authorization for the amount you need. Capitec Bank will then pay the financed amount to us and we will arrange the repairs.

(We charge a basic fee to ensure that the job is done to insurance standards and we streamline the process so it’s hassle-free.) 

FixEezi – The answer to all your panelbeater problems

If you have any more questions, we are on hand to answer them.   

Contact us.   But in the meantime, we want to put our money where our mouth is and refer you to some of our very happy customers so you can find out what they have to say.