Holiday accommodation? Booked. Christmas shopping list? Tick. Kids’ letters to Santa? Done. Panelbeater? Just in case? We are assuming that your Christmas bonus is for wishlist items rather than repairs to your vehicle in case you are in an accident. Our Fixeezi call-centre and statistics, however, indicate that during the December holiday season, car accidents increase and minor collisions are a daily occurrence, no matter where your GPS is taking you.  

Our FixEezi holiday campaign is to keep you informed and your family safe on your travels by preparing you for our South African roads. That is why we are drawing your attention to 2 potential driving hazards so that finding a panelbeater does not have to be part of your holiday itinerary.

#1 Pothole Pitfalls

Potholes are a frequent curse on South African roads. Up to 60% of South African roads have potholes and are in dire need of maintenance. In Johannesburg alone, 1000 potholes are reported each week.

Hitting a pothole at speed can cause huge strain to your car’s suspension and shocks, and result in extensive damage to your car, requiring the services of either a panelbeater or mechanic. Swerving to miss a pothole can easily result in you colliding with oncoming traffic or hitting a wall, pole or tree. (We won’t ask for a show of hands.)

So please drive carefully.

Although FixEezi cannot offer to fix the roads, we can offer to put you in contact with a reputable panelbeater in your area.  

#2 Tread Carefully

Your car’s tyre tread and tyre pressure should be closely monitored, as they play an important role in your safety on any road trip. Defective tyres are a significant factor in the cause of car accidents.

The correct tyre pressure helps to distribute the weight of your vehicle evenly across the tyre’s tread pattern so that your car is at its most stable. Under-inflated tyres negatively affect handling, cornering and stopping.  It would be under these circumstances that you will be needing to contact FixEezi for a quote from one of our panelbeaters in your area.

Check your tyre tread depth. If the tyre tread is at its minimum depth, you are in danger of your car aquaplaning and skidding in wet weather. Car tyres are an expensive outlay, but they are a vital asset to keeping you safe on the road. 


We hope your road trip is uneventful, but in the event of a car accident, FixEezi will send our elves to help you out and take care of everything. 

With our reputable network of panelbeaters and autobody specialists across South Africa, we will handle the entire repair process from beginning to end. We will even help you finance the cost of your repairs through Capitec, enabling you to enjoy the season of giving. You don’t need to add FixEezi to your wishlist, only to your contacts listjust in case.