No matter who you are, you’re prone to distraction – particularly when driving. The truth is, many accidents could be avoided if all distractions were removed. We’d see that pothole, we’d react when someone slams on brakes, and we’d spot the car skipping the stop street.

We need to be aware of our most common driving distractions and how to avoid them.
So, take the FixEezi test: Which distracted driver are you?

1. The Overworked, Underpaid

With dark circles under your eyes, you usually drive home late from work, fuelled by energy drinks. Your weakness is fatigue, which severely impairs your reaction time and decision making abilities.

FixEezi advises: Get some sleep, pull over to the side of the road, or phone a friend for a lift.

2. The Hungry Foodie

You simply can’t fight the hunger when it strikes. It may be tempting to grab your breakfast – on the go – on your way to a client, but spillage – or simply losing yourself in your food – could cause you to miss sudden warning signs.

FixEezi advises: Eat before you leave or take a refreshment stop along the way.

3. The Talkative Socialite

Chatting with your people may be the best way to pass the time in the car, but it shifts your focus from the road. Parents can easily be distracted by their chatty children, and young drivers, under the influence of FOMO, tend to be far too aware of their friends in the car!

FixEezi advises: Limit your passengers and keep kids occupied with activities prepared in advance.

4. The Efficient Multi-tasker

You take pride in being super-efficient, super busy, and super prepared! You use your travelling time to make important calls and check emails in the traffic. Even simple tasks like changing radio channels or setting up hands-free is a dangerous distraction.

FixEezi advises: It can wait! In case of an emergency, discipline yourself to set up your hands-free before you get going. Then breathe and focus on the road.

5. The Digital Diva

You’re connected and you check your phone’s notifications or respond to messages immediately – all while using your navigation system!

FixEezi advises: Turn your phone on silent or turn off notifications while you drive. Also, sort out your GPS before you start driving.

6. The Bad Day

When real life hits, mulling over feelings of anger, frustration, or grief can affect your focus and divert your attention away from the road and events around you.

FixEezi advises: Talk through your feelings with someone before you leave or be intentional about putting them off until later.

7. The Curious Cat

You’re fascinated by the events around you. Whether it is an accident scene, a pedestrian behaving strangely, or a neighbour’s bright blue door, lifting your eyes off the road can risk an accident of your own.

FixEezi advises: Avoid prolonged staring! (Warning: Curiosity killed the cat!)

8. The Fashionista

You are super-skilled in using the time to fix your hair, apply lipstick, or groom your beard. Even pulling off a jacket while driving can be a risk.

FixEezi advises: Finish your routine before you leave or do your final touches when you park at your destination.

Ultimately, you cannot control the behaviour of other drivers, but you can control yours. If you do get into a scrape, remember FixEezi. We are a car repair service – especially for the uninsured. We will do an online assessment of your car’s damage, allocate it to one of our reputable panel beaters, and even arrange the financing, should you need it.
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