The countdown to the December holiday season has begun and awareness campaigns are at the forefront of media ads in an attempt to reduce the accident and death toll on South African roads. At FixEezi we are on the same page and optimistically hope that a car accident would not put a damper on your holiday celebrations and travel plans. But realistically, as we enter the ‘silly season,’ we are well aware that the incidents of drunk and irresponsible driving escalate significantly, increasing the potential for car accidents.

In a recent blog, we highlighted the top 2 causes of car accidents, viz. distractions and following distance. As the year starts winding down, we would like to highlight 2 additional common causes of car accidents. Our FixEezi hope is that you would take them seriously. 

#1 Drunk Driving

Your calendar is full of year-end celebrations. Staff functions, office parties and after-work drinks are the playgrounds for foolish decision-making, and you do not want to be the cause, or the victim, of a drunk driving accident.

DUI (Driving under the influence) is unfortunately still one of the most dangerous road traffic offences in South Africa – impairing your cognitive function, your skill in handling your vehicle, your judgement and ability to make split-second decisions, and your visual awareness on the road. It is just not worth it.

Be aware that according to the SAPS, your blood may not have an alcohol level of more than 0.05% which is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1000ml. But what does this actually mean?

At FixEezi we have done the research for you.

If you are planning on driving after having a drink, the rule of thumb is a maximum of 1 unit of alcohol consumed per hour, which translates to…

  • Only ½ of a glass of wine.
  • 67% of a bottle of beer.
  • 1 shot of spirits or liquor.

To be safely within the legal limit, you may only consume this amount of alcohol once every two hours. But ideally, to be really safe, don’t drink and drive!! 

Although FixEezi can step in to help with the repairs of your vehicle should you be involved in an accident, we cannot help you with the law or give you a ‘get out of jail free’ card. That’s why we love 24-hour taxis, all-night Ubers, and teetotalling friends. 

#2 Fast and Furious

Our next bit of FixEezi advice is that you leave the car chases and excessive speed limits to Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

Speeding and reckless driving (not stopping at traffic lights and stop signs) increases the likelihood of crashing and the severity of the collision, as well as accounting for ⅓

of car accidents on South Africa’s roads. Speeding is also often associated with alcohol intake.

The faster you drive, the less time you have to react to unexpected hazards and the greater the likelihood that you will be involved in a car accident.

FixEezi is a supporter of the Arrive Alive campaign with the hope that over this holiday season you are not faced with circumstances that require us to find a panelbeater for you because your car has been involved in an accident.

Please – slow down and enjoy the ride. 


FixEezi is always on hand to help you if you are involved in a car accident, no matter what the cause. We do not want to be pessimistic about South African drivers over December and we are hoping you will travel safely and will not encounter the foolishness of others on our roads. But should the unfortunate happen, keep calm and contact Fixeezi.