No-one plans to be in a car accident. At some stage in your driving career though, you may be involved in an accident and require the services of a panelbeater (at FixEezi we can help you with that). But before it gets to that, there are defensive driving tips that could mitigate against you being responsible for a bumper bashing or collision. It is all about lowering the risk factors!

Driving on South Africa’s roads can be a hazardous experience – potholes, unlicensed drivers, and those ignoring the rules of the road are plentiful.  So here is our FixEezi list of defensive driving tips to help you avoid the inevitable.

FixEezi Tip #1: Be Prepared

No matter how familiar you are with your travel routines, the girl scout motto holds true: ‘Be prepared.’ Be prepared for any eventuality, and to take preventative action.

Some basic and simple suggestions that could help you avoid a scrape:

  • Sit up straight to see the road clearly (don’t slouch behind the steering wheel).
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel (except for gear changes).
  • Keep looking in the rearview and side mirrors.
  • Check blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Take note of surrounds – road works, animals, pedestrians, motorcyclists etc.

FixEezi Tip #2: Be Focused

The easiest way to prevent front and rear-end collisions is by simply staying focused.

  • Look well ahead for the hazard lights, brake lights, and indicator signals of cars in front of you.
  • Maintain a sufficient following distance so that you have enough room and time to stop safely.
  • Make sure to put your hazard or brake lights on in time for cars behind you to stop with sufficient warning.
  • Be disciplined about removing any distractions while driving.

FixEezi Tip #3: Be Alert

Even though this is obvious, it is a biggie.

  • Don’t drink and drive!
  • Don’t take drugs and drive!
  • Don’t drive after taking medication that may cause drowsiness!
  • Don’t drive if you are fatigued!

In all these scenarios, your reflexes, vision and reaction times will be compromised. Don’t be foolish – it is not worth it. And if you did get into an accident under any of these conditions, finding a panelbeater will be the least of your worries.

FixEezi Tip #4: Be Cautious

One of the easiest ways of avoiding a collision is by being cautious, especially when approaching intersections (traffic lights, traffic circles and stop streets). Even if you have right of way, look both ways and proceed slowly. There are many inconsiderate and foolish drivers who will jump robots and stop streets, but this is not the time to prove a point! Don’t force your way through an intersection if another driver is being pushy. Rather be the bigger person than risk getting into an accident.

Certain weather conditions are also a call to drive extra cautiously. Many accidents happen in wet or misty conditions when drivers refuse to slow down or put their lights on.

FixEezi Tip #5: Be On Guard

Despite the fact that South Africa’s shopping centre parking areas have car guards, the onus is still on you to be on guard.

  • Watch out for cars reversing out of parking spaces who haven’t seen you.
  • Double-check your surroundings before reversing out of a parking space. This also applies to school and office parking lots.
  • Watch out for tailgaters.

FixEezi: Be Aware

FixEexi exists because, despite our defensive driving tips, accidents do happen, and the day may come when your car is the victim of a bumper bashing or collision. Whatever the circumstance, we want to be there for you.

If your car has been in a scrape, and you are uninsured or you don’t want to claim from your insurance, contact us to get an immediate estimate from our trained assessors – fast; easy; online. Through our network of reputable panelbeaters (who offer a lifetime warranty on paintwork and repairs), we will handle the entire process, from start to finish.