Yes, we can read your thoughts: ‘Since when does a panelbeater go on a wishlist? And no, we are not crazy – we are fully aware that you would prefer instead to add a new car to your wish list. But in our current economic climate, we are assuming that you are just being a dreamer and that the closest thing to a new car you will get this Christmas is the matchbox toy equivalent. At FixEezi, however, we are not dreamers. We are realists. And popping a panelbeater onto your wishlist means you can get the next best thing for Christmas – your old car looking as good as new!

Your trusty car is a daily convenience asset that is always there for you. It may not be your dream car, but it definitely makes your life easier. Still, daily use means daily wear and tear, which probably includes scars from the odd bumper bashing or the inevitable car park scratches and pothole damage. You have to live with the scratches and dents as panelbeater or paint shop repairs don’t make it onto your monthly budget. But now, a panelbeater or autobody specialist can make it onto your wish list and your car can get a well-deserved sprucing up and look brand spanking new. 

Let us tell you why:  

A panelbeater should be on your wishlist because their services include the following:

  • Bumper repairs – whether it was because a stranger rammed into you at a stop sign because they were distracted on their phone, or whether you forgot your car was in reverse and a tree got in the way – bumper repairs are the most common panelbeater services.
  • Dent and scratch repairs – your kids’ bikes scratching the side panel, a shopping trolley leaving its mark from an inconsiderate shopper, hail damage or a dent in the back passenger door from someone reversing out a parking (where are those car guards when you need them?) – these are all par for the course of owning a car. A panelbeater’s ‘plastic surgery’ tools will do wonders. 
  • Chassis alignment – you have likely made contact with those ubiquitous, unavoidable and annoying potholes that seem to grow bigger by the day on SA’s roads. Your car’s chassis has likely incurred some damage from the impact. A panelbeater is ready and waiting in the wings with the right machinery to align your car’s chassis back to its original form – further ensuring your safety on the road. 
  • Spray painting – once the repairs to your car have been made, a panelbeater’s spray painting elves are called in. From silvery sky blue and pearlescent white to fiery red, they will perfectly match the colour of your car, so you won’t see the difference from. Just like magic.

FixEezi should be on your wish list because our services include the following:

Once again, we can read your thoughts: ‘I am uninsured – there is no way I can afford these cosmetic or chassis repairs to my car.’ Actually, you can. FixEezi is guaranteed to be the most affordable cosmetic car surgery option when you need to find a reliable and reputable panelbeater.  

  • Need a quote? Our trained assessors will give you a quick and accurate online assessment. 
  • Cash-strapped? We will assist you with finance through Capitec.
  • What about dodgy panelbeaters? We will allocate your car to an approved panelbeater on our network that is in your area. 
  • Quality control? On completion, you will get a lifetime warranty on your repairs.

Now that is what we call a festive spirit of giving! With FixEezi, our service offerings are valid all year round – that is why a panelbeater should make it onto your wishlist. At FixEezi, we will make it super-eezi. We can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of your friends when they think you have just got a brand new car for Christmas!

Get in touch with us today and make sure to send us a pic of your ‘new’ car!