For every Sherlock Holmes, there’s a Watson; for every Monica, there’s a Rachel; for every Thelma, there is a Louise. We all need our sidekicks. And when your car needs panelbeater repairs, it needs a friend too! In the world of car repairs, FixEezi is your best friend forever (BFF).

Let’s get the formalities out of the way, shall we? Here’s why we at FixEezi are autobody repair #friendshipgoals:

Our Friends are Your Friends

At FixEezi, our friends are your friends. We’re not cagey about keeping our people or our perks to ourselves. We’re ready to share the love with you and let you in on our secrets: We put you in contact with our network of trustworthy, reputable autobody repair specialists, so you can avoid an unfortunate experience with a dodge panelbeater! (Read our tips for choosing the right panel beater).

We have also partnered with Capitec Bank. If you’re in a financial pit, we can pull you out by organising a short term loan for you through our friends, Capitec. They will pay the money to FixEezi upfront and you will be on your way to a repaired car. If life is about who you know, you know the best! That’s just what any friend would do.

We’re there for you throughout

The theme song from the sitcom, Friends, rings out with the well-known words, “I’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour).” At FixEezi, we’ll be there for you when you need a panelbeater and will assist you throughout the entire car repair process. From the moment you contact us and complete the form, we assess the damage, give you an estimated quote, assist you with finance should you need, and allocate you to a reputable panelbeater on our network.

We will also help you tow your car, oversee the quality of the repair, and handle the payment to the repairer from your deposit or Capitec loan. We stick by your side from beginning to end.

Keep calm and breathe – your FixEezi friends have got your back!

We Stick Up for You

After making grand promises, we won’t leave you out in the cold. You walk away with a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and paint, plus a 12-month warranty on any replaced parts. We make sure that the repair is done according to insurance standards. And after you have driven away, we will check in with you to ensure that you are completely happy with the repairs. We stand up for our friends.

That’s what we call #friendshipgoals.

FixEezi is the middleman everybody wants. We stand in the gap, hold your hand, and get you through the dark days of panelbeater repairs. In the end, you’ll realise that, with FixEezi by your side, panelbeater repairs are eezi days!  Visit FixEezi for more information or get a quote today.