An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Unfortunately, though, this saying does not apply to your car. At some stage in your vehicle’s life, it will need to see a car doctor – for that vague thing called “repairs.” But how do you know whether to see a panel beater or a mechanic? It is in your car’s best interests that you get to know the difference between these two car specialists.

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Let’s diagnose! Which car doctor should you see?

Here’s a basic rule of thumb to guide you: the panel beater works on what is seen – the external parts – while the mechanic works on what is unseen – the internal parts.

Should my car see a Mechanic?

If, on one day, your vehicle is going smoothly, and the next day you can’t hear your wife over that inexplicable grating engine noise, call a mechanic. If your vehicle starts screaming, makes strange noises, feels different or behaves strangely, or it simply stops working altogether, a mechanic will diagnose the problem and remove and replace damaged parts.

A mechanic is specialised in the running of your vehicle and understands the mechanical and electronic systems of the car.  

Contact a mechanic if you need repairs on the following parts:

·  engine

·  brakes

·  fuel system

·  gearbox

·  clutch

·  electronic system

·  anything required for the smooth running of the vehicle

If the car looks good, but doesn’t ‘run so good’, don’t waste your time calling a panel beater. Call a reputable mechanic instead.

Should my car see a Panel Beater?

A panel beater works on the exterior aesthetics of the car body. This is the person who takes a car – bent and bruised from the hail or a collision – and gives it a makeover to make it look brand new again.

If you’ve had a bumper bashing, or if you’ve encountered an unexpected event (like a tree falling on your car during a storm), call a panel beater. They are the specialists in:

·  paint repair

·  fixing dents

·  repairing damaged panels

·  realigning the body frame

·  replacing damaged parts

A good panel beater has the expertise and equipment to do the job with precision and integrity.

Of course, once you know what type of ‘car doctor’ your vehicle needs to see, you still need to find a reliable service provider for the job.

That’s where FixEezi comes in.

Should my car see FixEezi?

FixEezi has your back. If you need a panel beater, upload the details of your car’s damage in 4 simple steps. Our experts will assess the damage, negotiate a better rate for you, and allocate your vehicle to one of our reliable and approved panel beaters in your area. Plus, we will only release your payment to the panel beater once you are completely satisfied with the repair. It’s what good car doctors are for!

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