The Christmas season has come and gone, tummies are full of treats, and Santa is back home from his yearly trip around the world in his ‘one-horse open sleigh’. The post-festive hangover may be causing some realities to sink in – like that broken side-mirror on your car or the scratch on your boot from your golf clubs. Fun times often go hand in hand with accidents. We imagine Santa also had a December like many South African drivers – bumping over a few chimneys, hitting some South African potholes, and bumper bashing into reindeer. If Santa’s sleigh received some scratches on the way, you probably did too, and you’ll both be needing a panelbeater!

We are not sure what kind of sleigh Santa drives – but whether he is looking for a BMW approved panelbeater, an Audi approved panelbeater, or a VW approved panelbeater, Santa’s imaginary elves are there to help out.

For the rest of South Africans, though, FixEezi introduces the 3 most helpful elves in the panelbeater world. These ones are the real deal.

Elf #1: An Easy-Peasy Online Platform

The casualties of Christmas may have left you with a few unwanted gifts, like scratches and dents to your vehicle. In your state of food coma, the effort of finding a panelbeater and getting a quote may seem a stretch too far. Here to simplify your life is helpful Elf #1 – the easy to use, fuss-free FixEezi website, ready to give its assistance. While you lounge in the slippers you got for Christmas, go ahead and upload the details of your car’s damage, and our qualified assessors will get back to you with an estimated quote.

Elf #2: An In-Area, Trustworthy Panelbeater

What’s a panelbeater world without panelbeater elves? FixEezi has a network of reputable, reliable, trustworthy panelbeaters – in your area! So, whether you need an Audi, BMW, Toyota or VW approved panelbeater, our FixEezi elves will allocate your car to a specialist panelbeater elf in your area at a competitive price. Like all little elves, we oversee the entire process and ensure a top-quality standard of repair.

Elf #3: A Financing Option

Now, let’s talk real. The main reason why you are avoiding the ‘panelbeater discussion’ is not so much inconvenience: it is cost. At this time of the year, in particular, it’s the last thing you want to think about. Because most South Africans don’t have the luxury of car insurance in the first place, you probably find yourself in a sticky situation – stickier than that delicious Christmas dessert! No worries! FixEezi will organise a financing option through our elf friends, Capitec, to help you fix the damage from that bumper bashing. Have your car fixed without the panic of money!

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Christmas may be over everywhere else in the world, but not at FixEezi. We work all year round as the helpful elves in the panelbeater world. If only Santa knew…Get a quote and follow us on Facebook.