Be Prepared!” 

These are the words that Scar sings to the hyenas from his mountain in Disney’s The Lion King, and we think it’s excellent advice. Collisions and accidents are one of the inconvenient guarantees of life. We’ve told you what you should do in an accident – before phoning a panel beater – as well as how you should behave at the scene, but what can you do before you’ve even been in an accident? To reduce the inevitable stress, put on your organised ‘inner-mom’ cap and “be prepared” in advance.

Because many insurance companies offer roadside assistance and panel beater services, people don’t often think about how they should prepare in advance for an accident. However, this is unrealistic and doesn’t help those who don’t have insurance or who don’t want to use up their insurance benefits.

So to help you prepare, here are some helpful items to store in your cubbyhole for emergency situations!

Important Info
It seems unlikely that in this digital age you would need a piece of paper to remember important phone numbers and details, but it is always best to be doubly prepared in case of any unforeseen complications! Include the numbers of a friend or family member and your doctor, details about any allergies or medical conditions, as well as insurance and medical aid details. If you do not have insurance and you need a panel beater, simply add FixEezi to your contacts list. Here’s why!

First Aid Kit
Keep a first aid kit in your car, as well as a backup of any chronic medication (accompanied with a note detailing what it is and how it is to be administered).

Note: We are in the panel beater business. We are NOT doctors. Consult your doctor first about the specific requirements of your medical situation.

Notepad and Pen
Since you need to take down many details at the scene of the accident, including the other driver’s details, be sure to have a pen and paper handy.

(For a comprehensive list of information to collect, see this article).  

Torch and Road Triangle
If you have an accident at night, a torch will ensure that you don’t figure out the damage in the dark (and will save your phone’s battery life)! Store a warning triangle in your boot to prevent further collisions and additional visits to the panel beater!

With all this said, if you do not have insurance, you may feel very unprepared. The thought of an accident might make you bury your head in the sand and avoid reading this article!    

With FixEezi, however, you can be prepared! As a car accident repair service, particularly for the uninsured, we will assess your vehicle’s damage, send your car to a reputable panel beater, and organise financing for you. Plus, we will only pay the panel beater seven days after the repair to ensure that you are completely satisfied. 

Get a quote and get prepared with FixEezi!