You have an appointment scheduled for 12h00. Google maps say, despite current traffic, you will arrive at 11h45. You relax and turn up Beethoven’s 9th on the radio. Suddenly, just ahead, you see the unexpected brake lights, and in a split second of slow motion, you realise you are going to hit the car in front of you. You are not prepared for the strength of the impact, or what your car will look like. The first thought that goes through your mind is ‘How am I going to afford a Toyota approved panel beater?’

As you stand in front of the crumpled bonnet of your Etios, the thought of finding a Toyota approved panel beater should not be the first concern going through your head. But in the aftermath of panic, confusion and adrenaline, your thinking can become hazy. 

Put the thought of a Toyota approved panel beater out of your mind for now, and take a deep breath. Here is a helpful checklist for those significant moments after a collision:

  1. Do not admit fault. There are always many factors at play in an accident situation, even if you have crashed into the back of another car. 
  2. Check that all drivers and passengers are ok. If necessary, contact emergency medical services.
  3. Put on your hazard lights and, If possible, move the affected cars to the side of the road to avoid any further accident or congestion.
  4. Take 5 minutes to exchange the following details with the other driver: 
  • Name and surname 
  • Contact details 
  • ID or passport number 
  • E-mail address 
  • Physical address 
  • Driver’s License details (take a photo) 
  • Car License disc number 
  • Car registration number 
  • Time and location of the accident 
  • Details of any witnesses (if applicable) 

(All these details are required when you report the accident to the police for a case number. It needs to be reported within 24 hours to a police station in the area where the accident took place. If you are insured or uninsured, these details are necessary).

  1. Take photos. This is not the time for selfies, but, using your smartphone, it is definitely the time to take photos of the car’s damage from every angle. Your Toyota approved panel beater will thank you later and you will thank us later.
  2. Within minutes of the accident, tow trucks will appear.  Damsel in distress or not, be very cautious and don’t be taken for a ride. These ‘heroes’ can be mercenary in taking advantage of your vulnerability after an accident. If you are insured, make sure you know what towing options your insurer has in place. If you are uninsured, don’t rush into a decision.
  3. Call for help from a family member or friend who can come and assist you or wait with you until you can either drive off or a legitimate towing option has arrived.  

If you are uninsured, this is the ideal time and place to contact FixEezi. In just a few ‘eezi’ steps you can contact us and upload your details and photos of the accident. Our qualified assessors will provide you with an online quote and put you in contact with a contracted Toyota approved panel beater in your area – ensuring you pay the right price. We can even arrange towing and financing.  
You have enough to worry about in the moments after an accident. Trust FixEezi to put your mind at ease and arrange for your car to be repaired at one of our Toyota approved panel beaters. You are guaranteed to get your Etios back, good as new.